About Vivian C. Murray

Living in San Francisco, I began to write at the age of eight. The first story I wrote was about a dinosaur flea which defrosted (premonition of climate change?) and threatened the world.  It was, of course… humungous for a flea. From there, I moved on to prairie-girl sagas, poetry, journals filled with love wanted and love lost, short and long stories, and now  my maternal family’s past.

After many years of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder while being a single mom,   I was finally able to afford travel outside the U.S. once my kids were grown and off on their own. A few of those travels included my kids, their girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancés/spouses, and sometimes the grandchildren doing what is now termed as ‘multigenerational’ travel.  My blog, which includes some of those adventures, is available at http://www.grammietravels.wordpress.com.

Now that I am retired, I have joined the board of a local writers’ group in the Pacific Northwest, lead a travel writing group once a month, and write my stories of travel and living life as a ‘flower child’ in San Francisco during the Sixties.  My latest ambition is chronicling the journey of my maternal grandparents, and my mother who were living  as an expat from England, an  immigrant from Russia, and newborn citizen of Shanghai  during the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.  This was a time of experiencing decadence, danger, love, war, loss of home as well as dignity, loss of life, and at last sailing away and calling a new country home.

Taking paper and pen, I recreate journeys while sharing them with anyone interested in traveling along with me for the ride.


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